Message from the President

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From the President………..


Greetings once again from your humble president. As we approach the beginning of a new season we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of Susan “Granny” McCabe, who recently passed away in Eagle Idaho. She was the matriarch of the McCabe family, who include her sons; our former President Mac McCabe and his brother Mike, a long time instructor and board member for the group, as well as her granddaughter Casey McCabe Scott, who is former student.  When I first joined the group over fifteen years ago Granny would graciously allow us to use her home for board meetings, kick off picnics, trailer storage and for just about anything else we needed. We have many fond memories of Granny and her husband Bill “Gramps” McCabe, who we lost in January of 2009. Please remember the McCabe family in your thoughts and prayers.


Once again I would like to thank all of our Board Members for donating their time for our most recent Summit Meeting, where we review our most recent season, set goals for the upcoming one and lay out the upcoming season’s budget. There are a lot of exciting things going on with our group. I am grateful for the time and energy that each and every board member brings to the table. Special thanks to Greg White for his recent efforts in obtaining a new banner and easy-up for us to use. We saw the results of his hard work at our recent outing to an Angel’s game.   Please thank your board members for their service to the group. They are truly outstanding individuals who make it easy for me to be your president.


Our annual Angel’s game outing is now in the books and once again, was a huge success. Thank you to all of the Achievers who were able to make it.  Special thanks to Karen “Madame Membership” Lunzman and her lovely husband Glen “Mr. T” for all of their hard work in organizing this event. A job very well done. Also special thanks to John “Chef” Lucas for another outstanding job of cooking ribs and chicken and to Patrick “The Leprechaun” Moynihan for his part in getting the food to the ballpark and for the million little things that he does for the group when nobody is looking.


Thank you to everyone who donated funds, or obtained donations in our recent fundraising effort. We were able to make up for some lost ground and will be able to meet our budget for the upcoming season. Special thanks to Phong Le and John Lucas for their efforts in making this happen.   Speaking of fundraising, we have come upon an interesting program through the Ralph’s grocery store company. The coolest part of it is that anyone who shops at Ralph’s can help our group financially, and it doesn’t cost that individual any money out of their pocket. All you need is a Ralph’s rewards card. We will be distributing a form that can be taken to any Ralph’s store that can be processed at the check-out stand. There is also a way that you can sign up online. Basically an individual assigns their rewards to us as a viable non-profit organization, which means Ralph’s will transfer those rewards into a cash donation to the group.  I am hoping that we can have every member of the group participate in this program by asking friends and relatives to sign up, and also by working in teams (instructors and students) outside their local Ralph’s store to sign up regular store customers. Watch for further instructions on this very soon.  We will likely have a big push for this program in September.


Please mark your calendars for the following events; our world famous Kick-Off Picnic on September 12, our Dryland Clinic on October 17, and our Instructor Trip which is slated for November 20-22. (We have also submitted dates for our Student Trips, these will be sent out once we have approval from Mammoth Mountain Administration).


Looking forward to seeing you at any of our upcoming events. Whether you are a student, instructor, board member or anyone else who supports us I once again thank you for all that you do in this grand and noble enterprise.

With Gratitude and thanks,


Gary P. “Commander G” Konecne

President, Disabled Sports Orange County

The Achievers


Angels Tailgate/Game – Reserve your tickets !!

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Hello Achievers,

I’m Talkin’ Baseball…

Trout, Pujois, Weaver!

It’s Peanuts and Cracker Jacks….

Our Annual Angles Game..

Come and support our HALOS and DSOC

Tailgate begins under the Big A at 4:30, game time is 6:05

Once again is Chef John Lucas at the helm with the best food buffet ever!!

Angels Vs. Toronto Blue Jays Saturday Fireworks August 22, 2015


This is always a sold out event, First come, First serve..

Mail me a check with the number of desired tickets, I will immediatly mail tickets out to you.. tickets are $20.00 per seat…let me know if you

need a ‘disabled seat…


Please send any questions to Karen at



2015 Ski A Thon Fundraising

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Hello Achievers Supporters!

We are only a short time away from our annual “Ski-A-Thon” Fundraiser, which kicks off next weekend and will continue through the months of March and April.

Throughout the winter season each year,  The Achievers, a chapter of Disabled Sports, is able to help our students enjoy time on the mountain learning skiing and snowboarding. This year we are seeking to raise funds for the following equipment:

  • (1) New Mono Ski Rig= $5,000
  • (2) Pair of Yetti Outriggers = $350 ea./$700 total
  • (4) Pair of Ski Tip Retainers (Edgy Wedgy)= $100

The Achievers continue to be the only Adaptive Ski program at Mammoth Mountain that provides free ski instructions, free usage of adaptive equipment, and free lift tickets. In addition to our equipment needs this year, we are asking for your assistance in supporting the ongoing expense of maintaining our program.

These expenses include:

Discounted Lodging For new students – Value=$150/night

Free Lift Tickets for each student. – Value= $99/Day/Adult

Free Instruction – Value=$75 half day/$150 full day (Prices from Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra)

Total Support per Student=Up to $825/weekend

As you can see, the savings support are significant and enable many students to enjoy one of the finest ski resorts in North America.

Your support really makes a difference. In 2014, in addition to maintaining the above expenses, we were able to replace 20+ year trailer, and updated instructors and student jackets, allowing the Achievers to better market our program on the mountain and create a sense of pride for our students and instructors.  

We are excited to have such an incredible 2015 season, and with your support hope to have many more. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

We are a solely self-supporting, non-profit organization.  We have no paid staff and receive no support from the government.  The funds to keep this program alive are raised through private/corporate donations, and annual events that we host through out the year.

To Donate, please click the Donate Button on the Top Right.


John Lucas

Fundraising Chair


February Trip

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General meeting for the February trip is this Wednesday, January 28th @ 7pm.

REI @ Tustin Marketplace – The Market Place, 2962 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92782

If you haven’t come up on any trips yet, be sure to stop by and we’ll be able to complete any outstanding paperwork, get your medical evaluation completed, and enjoy cookies and milk with your President.

The February trip is  February 6-8, deadline for trip request will be this Friday, January 30th.  More new snow is expected this week, but let’s all pray Mammoth gets a heavy dump.

For new members, Karen, our membership chair, have ordered new name tags for you; please see Steve at the trailer.  We also have new brochures and business cards, please grab some to share with others.


Lastly, if you haven’t paid for your jacket, please contact Greg as soon as possible to process your payment.  Please make sure your payment is separate from your trip request as we need to keep the funds separate.   Greg is handling jackets, so send payment in his care; for  trips, please send to Kat in her care.


Kat, our Trip Coordinator, has asked that all trip reservations be in writing as it’s difficult for her to keep records of all verbal requests.  Below are the revised instructions to attend a trip.



To sign up for our trips:

  1. Please mail a completed trip form to our PO Box. If you wish to stay with the DSOC at Viewpoint Condos, please include payment(s) made out to DSUSA-OC.



c/o Trip Coordinator

PO Box 54546

Irvine, CA 92619-4546




  1. Send an e-mail to DSOC.Trips@gmail.comand include:
  • Your name
  • If you require lodging arrangements

Please see number one if you want to stay at Viewpoint Condos

  • Trip dates you wish to participate
  • If you need lift tickets
  • Are you an instructor, student, guest, or family member
  • Carpool availability


January Trip

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Hello Achievers,

Is everyone finished with their holiday shopping? My wish list includes another big snow dump for our next trip, which is January 9-11th.

Deadline to submit your trip request is this Friday, December 26th. Per earlier memo, request cannot be verbal, and must be sent through email at

If you have room in your vehicle for others or need a ride, please submit your request through our Facebook page.

See everyone soon. Think Snow!

General Meeting for December Trip

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Hello Achievers,

It’s SNOWING, just what the doctor ordered for the upcoming December student trip! We will have our General Meeting this Wednesday, Dec 3rd @ 7pm to turn in your membership and trip forms. If you’re a student, we’ll have staff on hand to conduct your medical evaluation.

Location – REI @ Tustin Marketplace – The Market Place, 2962 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92782

General Meeting for Instructors Trip

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Hello Achievers,

Sorry for the late reminder, but the general meeting for the Instructors Trip is tomorrow, Wednesday at 6:30pm.  We weren’t able to book our usual location for this week’s meeting so we’ll meet at Gary’s offce at START Physical Therapy    360 San Miguel Dr, St 301, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

Things we do at the General Meeting,

Collect membership fees, trip forms, waivers, etc

  • If you’re a student, we can provide medical evaluation for future trips
  • Coordiante carpool buddy
  • Welcome any new members to the club
  • Give existing members a hard time
  • Eat cookies and drink milk


The trip date is November 21st-23rd, plan on going unless you get an email from me saying it’s canceled because of conditions.  Mammoth is officially opening on Thursday and there’s rain in the forecast, hopefully it’s cold enough for it to become snow.  All forms can be downloaded from this site.



President’s Message For New Season

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From The President………

     As I write this as your President, I am absolutely amazed at all the things that have happened to our group since the last time I wrote. Our group has grown. We have developed relationships with other groups that serve disabled populations, and as a result, I am optimistic that we will be able get more skiers on the mountain, to share with them the love and the joy that we all experience through this very simple thing called skiing. We have an amazing new crop of students and instructors. We have through the diligence of some and the generosity of others, a brand new trailer that will serve this group far into the future. We are getting new jackets, so cool that they will make us the envy of everyone else on the mountain who is obliged to wear one. We are on the edge of a new era. One that will define us for who we are today and will be the legacy of how we will be remembered far into the future.

As I contemplate all that is going on within our humble little group, and I think about my position here, and what my own personal legacy within this group might be,  I would just like to leave you with this one small thought as we begin what I believe may be an historic season. Whatever your thoughts or expectations for what this season may be, I would like you to know, your President needs you. 

    I need you, whether you are a first time student or instructor, or whether you have been with this organization from the start, to be willing to commit yourself to doing everything you can to help us meet our goals for this season.

If you are new to the group, whether as a student or an instructor, I need you to make the commitment to come up on a trip, to join us in this grand and noble adventure, to see for yourself why we do this, how absolutely cool it all is, and how much we want to share it with others.

If you are a regular with this group, I need you to continue to do what you always have done, to show up with a positive attitude, a willingness to serve others, and to be an example to those new to the group, of exactly who we are, exactly what we do, and how we represent ourselves to others on the mountain.

And finally, an appeal to those I need most. Those of you who have been active with this group in the past, whether recently or not, who for whatever reason have left us.  You, who understand exactly who we are, who know exactly what we do, and understand in a way that could never be described short of experiencing it yourself, why we do this and why it is such a blast,    I need you, to come back to us, to help us in any way that you can, to help us make this season one for the record books.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you as your President. Thank you for all that you do in whatever fashion, to make this all happen. To make what seems like something impossible to a lot of people a plausible reality for our students. Our motto is and always will be “If I can do this, I can do anything”.  The lessons we learn from this teach us all that the greatest limitations that are placed upon us, are often the ones we place upon ourselves. What we all learn from skiing can and will be taken into every other aspect of our lives.

     Looking forward to seeing each and every one of you up on the mountain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do in this grand and noble enterprise.


Gary P. “Commander G” Konecne

President, The Achievers

Great Dryland Clinic

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Hello Achievers,

Great turnout at the Dryland Clinic today, special thanks to all the instructors who helped with the training, President Gary,  Karey,  Brent, Rebecca, and Darryl.

I heard from a few,and they all thought the training was valuable and informative.  I was also pleased to hear how many were excited for the coming season, and I’m predicting a heavy snow fall !!


Membership dues are now due, please send your forms (membership forms, waiver and medical release). You can forward to Karen, address is in the form

  • Background screening is also due for new instructors, and for returning instructors who didn’t go through the process last season. Returning instructors only need to do it every other year.  Here’s the link to start the process.
  • Our club is getting new jackets this year, Greg is handling the ordering. If you haven’t already communicated the size to him, please email Greg at

Also Thank you for Tom at Ramp It Up for extending his event today to host and demostrate handcycling to some of our members.  Attached is a picture, but more can be seen at our Facebook Page.

Next Event – Instructors “On The Hill” Trip on November 21-23rd.  Please mark your calendar, I’ll send out additional information in the coming weeks.  Pleaes note this is only for instructors.  The first student trip is scheduled for December.

Season Kick-Off Picnic

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Our season kick-off picnic is on September 20th, between 12-3pm; which is only two weeks away so be sure to save the date, and update your calendar !!!

What to expect at the picnic,

We’ll have membership, liability and medical release forms  available.  If you’re a student, you’ll also need to get an updated medical release form signed by your primary doctor prior to the first trip, but recommend you get it as soon as possible.  We’ll have our medical advisor at the picnic to provide a secondary assessment.  Please bring a check so we can process your membership dues for the season.

  • Instructors are required to go through a background check, this is required every two years.  If you didn’t go through it last season, then you’ll need to do it this year, use this link for instructions and the code to use.
  • Our annual dues now include a T-shirt, so for those members that paid last season but didn’t get one yet, we’ll have some available to pass out.
  • Hang out, relax, and catch up with returning members; but there’ll be new members too so be sure to extend a big hug and a loud welcome !
  • Play and play, there’s a basketball area,  and swimming pool.  Appreciate if you could  bring a ball, Frisbee, or any other lawn games we can enjoy.
  • Bring your appetite because there will be plenty of food!  That being said, the club is providing the main dish, and sodas, but please bring a side or dessert to share.

Location: Pat Moynihan’s association clubhouse: 3754 Hamilton Street, Irvine Ca, the park is located behind this address.

See everyone soon, let’s pray for lots of snow this season!

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