Ski A Thon – We need your help and support !!

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Hello Achievers!

Our annual Ski A Thon is almost upon us. We are looking forward to building on the success of last year’s Ski A Thon with a few minor changes. For this year, we are suggesting that all Instructors and students set a personal fundraising goal of $250 each. How can you achieve this?  Send out 10-20 emails with the attached to potential donors, such as friends, family, professional colleagues, church acquaintances, etc. We did well last year due to a committed handful of instructors and students. This year we’d love to “cast the net” wider, and get everyone involved! We need your help to continue to provide quality instruction, and to make needed upgrades to equipment. The donations from last year contributed to our purchase of our new equipment trailer, and we all owe you all a tremendous debt of gratitude. 

 What can we achieve this year? We need your help and support to achieve our fundraising goal so we can continue to offer this program to future students and volunteers.


Thanks in advance for your support. 



Fundraising Chair

General Meeting/Transportation

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Hello Achievers,

The general meeting will be held this Wednesday at the REI @ Tustin Ranch Marketplace, 7pm.  We will be collecting membership fees, trip forms, and doing medical evaluations.

For the February trip, we’re planning to rent a van if we get at least 6 interested partipants. This will be a regular van, and will not have a wheelchair lift so you’ll need to be able to transfer to a regular seat.  Students will have first priority, and roundtrip fares will only be $25 per person.   Volunteers fares will be $35 roundtrip.  The plan is to leave Friday afternoon, and we will pick up at two locations, one in Orange County, and one in Los Angeles.  (locations and time, TBD).  If you’re willing to help drive the van up to Mammoth, then the club will provide accomodation at Viewpoint.

Trip forms can be emailed to

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Get Ready For The January Trip

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Hello Achievers,

The January trip is right around the corner, just 3 weeks out! We’re making it easier than ever to get involved, all membership paperwork can now be mailed to Karen, our membership chair. The address is noted in the top right of the membership form. Remember, all forms can be downloaded from our website here, go to membership or trip using the top headers. Be sure to complete the following,

• Signed membership form, and annual fee

• Signed liability waiver

• Students – medical release form signed by your primary doctor, and evaluation done by our staff

• Instructors – complete background check, every 2 years. If you didn’t do one last year, then you’ll need to complete this year

Trip reservation can now be sent directly to our email, The deadline to reserve accommodation/trip will be Friday, January 3rd. Because of the holiday, we will not have a general meeting in December so please remember to send your reservation in as soon as possible so you don’t forget. Don’t procrastinate and get left out ! That’s right, I’m talking to you.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Lastly, Have a great Christmas or Hanukkah, and Happy New Year !!


December Student Trip

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Hello Achievers,

Mammoth just got hit with another 16″ of new snow this weekend, adding to an already nice base depth of 27″.  Go ahead and put away your rock skis, and get out the good ones; it’s time to hit the mountains.

Calling all students, this is the first student trip of the season; we have over 14 volunteers signed up for this trip but we only have a few students so far that have signed up. We’re extending the deadline to sign up  to Tuesday, December 10th.  Send your trip reservation and/or condo requests to

  • Trip Date – December 13-15th
  • Be sure to bring your RFID card
  • Trip form, and waiver are attached


Have a great trip, and safe travel.

General Meeting for Instructors Trip

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Mammoth Mountain officially opens in 4 days, and that means our Instructors Trip is less than 3 weeks away.

We have our first General Meeting coming up on November 20th, at the REI in Tustin Marketplace at 7pm. Trip date is November 22-24th.

These are the things you’ll need to complete for this season.

• Membership, liability and fees. This can be done at the General Meeting. See membership form link above for all needed forms.
• Background check needs to be completed. For all volunteers, please remember to process your background check; this is mandatory, and you must complete every other year. If you have completed the check last year, then you do not have to process for this season.
Self registration number: 29771900
Enter your information as requested
provide legal authorization and certification
The check will either provide a green or red light to us. Red means you’ll need to clear some information with NCISAFE to continue.
• RSVP for the trip needs to be completed by Friday, Nov 15th, and all paperwork needs to be turned in by November 20th. If you can’t make the General Meeting, please forward to the below contacts. Trip form has to be completed prior to each trip, we cannot take reservation for entire season.

Membership questions, please direct to Karen at
Trip /accomodation questions can be directed to Kat at

Membership Fees and Instructor’s Trip

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We had a great turnout at this year’s Dryland Clinic; the information was so interesting it felt like we were only there for an hour.  Special thanks to  the coordinators and trainers of the event;  Gary (Commander G), Brent, Karey, and Lisa.  Without your commitment, this club wouldn’t be where it is now so Thank You ! Pictures are posted on our Facebook page.


  • Membership fees are due for the upcoming season, you can fill out the attached membership and liability waiver and send to the noted address.  What’s really awesome this year you’ll also get a T-shirt with your paid membership.  Shirts will available around January.
  • Background Check – For all volunteers, please remember to process your background check; this is mandatory, and you must complete every other year.   If you have completed the check last year, then you do not have to process for this season.  Here’s the link
  • Instructor’s Trip is November 22-24 so if you missed Dryland, then imperative you attend the Instructor’s Trip to complete your education unit requirements to volunteer for the group.  Remember, returning instructors are only required to have 3 units per season, and new instructors are required to have 5 units.  Every 3 hours on the hill training equals 1 education unit.  Due to the time required to train new instructors, no new instructors can join after the February trip.

Dryland Clinic

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Hello Achievers,

We had a great picnic yesterday, saw lots of new faces as well as returning members and students.  Thank you to those who attended, and a big shout out goes to Pay Moynihan for coordinating the event and providing the outstanding Try tip and chicken!

We unveiled the new trailer, special thanks to Steve Reese for all the work he put  in to find this awesome trailer. Also a big thank you to Ron Roberts and Bernie Rosenblum for their help with the trailer interior. Next step, getting a new graphic wrap and our soon to be logo to the trailer.

Our next big event is the Dryland clinic on Saturday October 12th, 9:00 to 1pm. It will be held at

Start Physical Therapy in Newport Beach, 360 San Miguel Drive, Suite 301.  Breakfast will be included.

We have some changes to the training requirements. For a new instructor, or instructor who has not had training in the 3 seasons, you will be required to have 5 education units (EU).  Returning instructors, you will only need 3 EU’s.  The Dryland clinic will fulfill 2 EU’s so it’s very important you try to attend the clinic.  We’re in the process of updating the policy and procedures on the training requirements, and I’ll forward the full details once we have finalized.

Following the Dryland Clinic is the November Instructors Trip. Again, very important you try to attend this trip as it will fulfill 1 EU for every 3 hours of training (2 EU’s equal 1 day of training). If you attended both the Dryland and Instructors Trip, then you will have competed all training requirements for the season.

Lastly, congratulations to Nahu B, Darryl Coit and Phong Le on becoming instructors this upcoming season. Our group has seen an increased number of mono skiers so their input and guidance will help propel our group in this area.

Please RSVP for Dryland, and let us know if you have any specific training you would like us to cover.

See our Facebook page for additional pictures from the picnic !

Thank you All !!

Next Important Date:

Dryland Oct 12

Instructors Trip Nov 22nd-24th

Kickoff Picnic

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Hello Achievers,

Our Kickoff Picnic is next week, Saturday, September 28th.  Be sure to bring your appetite as we’ll have plenty to eat.  We’ll provide the meat, but would appreciate if you could bring a side, dessert or drinks to share.   Last year, the grill was running 24/7, and we were treated with tri-tips and chicken.

Besides eating, also a good time to turn in your membership forms, and fee for next season.  Karen spends a lot of time tracking down membership forms so let’s help by turning all the needed forms early.  All forms can be downloaded from this site.

Please RSVP so we get a head count…look forward to seeing everyone.


Location: 3754 Hamilton Street, Irvine CA 92614, 11:30am-2:30pm

Directions: Take 405 freeway, exit Culver Blvd; go North.  Make a quick left turn at San Leandro, left at Paseo Westpark, and the park will be at the end of the street.


2013-14 Season Schedule

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Hello Achievers,

Is everyone having a great summer?  Are you still sporting a farmer’s tan?  Great news, our schedule is approved for the upcoming season, please add this to your calendar, and ask for time off from work so you’ll be able to make all the trips.


9/6 Angel’s Game, tickets are going fast so please contact Karen to reserve your tickets.  I believe we have less than 15 available.  Her email is

9/28 Kick-off picnic.  This is our famous kick off picnic; we’ll have a bbq, play some wheelchair basketball, and also a great opportunity to turn in your membership forms.  For the students, also a good time to do your medical evaluation for the season, be sure to get your primary doctor to sign the medical release form.  We’ll supply the bbq meat and sodas, appreciate if you could bring a side dish to share.       

Location: 3754 Hamilton Street, Irvine CA 92614, 11:30am-2:30pm

Directions: Take 405 freeway, exit Culver Blvd; go North.  Make a quick left turn at San Leandro, left at Paseo Westpark, and the park will be at the end of the street.

The 2013/2014 Schedule: 

9/6 Angel’s Game

9/28 Kick-Off Picnic

10/12 Dryland Clinic

11/20 General Meeting for December Trip

11/22 – 11/24 Instructor’s Trip

12/13 – 12/15 Student’s Trip

1/10 – 1/12 Student’s Trip

1/22 General Meeting for February Trip

2/7 – 2/9 Student’s Trip

2/19 General Meeting for March Trip

3/7 – 3/9 Student’s Trip

3/19 General Meeting for April Trip

4/4 -4/6 Student’s Trip

5/2 – 5/4 Student’s Trip (if snow condition permits)

6/7 Award Banquet

6/28 Summit Board Meeting

Congratulations to our Award Winners !!

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Hello Achievers,


Congratulations to our award winners, it’s your dedication, enthusiasm, and your efforts that makes our club GREAT !


  • ·         Student of the Year – Nathan Zalaya
  • ·         Rookie Student of the Year – Aaron Bloom
  • ·         Member of the Year – Daryl Coit and Phong Le
  • ·         Instructor Of The Year – Mikki Ozawa and Karey Kusushara
  • ·         Bob Inspirational Member of the Year – Racquel Decipeda
  • ·         Commander G’s Special Award  - Mac McCabe


Special “Thank You” for the following individuals –


  • ·         Pat Moynihan for the usage of the club house
  • ·         Michelle Paster for creating the banquet video
  • ·         James Walsh for cooking the meat
  • ·         John Lucas for coordinating the food
  • ·         All the board members for your time and commitment to keep our club running
  • ·         and finally, for our president, Commander G, for being our president, and making sure all the little things are in place so none of us have to worry about it (he desperately need a better cabinet )


Pictures will be uploaded to our Facebook page. 


Congrats on another great season, already looking forward to the next !  Have a great summer !

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