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From the President………..

Once again I am reflecting after our March trip, and once again I am thinking about how this trip was one of the best, one for the record books, and how lucky I am to be your president.  Kudos to Zachary Josh Ergish, a PSIA Level III instructor with Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra, who led a stellar clinic for our certified instructors on Friday. Vice President Craig Kirkpatrick, Monica Bradley, Mark Jankowski, George Michael Watts and myself were joined by Second Lady Denise Kirkpatrick and Director of Education Karey Kusuhara. Zach put us through our paces and we not only had a great time learning how to be better instructors, we also were able to improve our own skiing. I was so impressed with Zach that he was given Commander G’s Special Award (which he wore to the pot-luck) and was named an honorary member of The Achiever’s.

I cannot remember a trip where I saw more cooperation and collaboration with our instructors. Here is an example:  One of the most difficult aspects of skiing for anybody is getting your equipment dialed in. When you are a mono-skier, that level of difficulty is magnified by a factor of about a million. (OK maybe a little exaggeration here). Kudos to rookie mono-skier Aaron Bloom for his patience in dealing with equipment issues and for what he was able to accomplish in just two trips with us. I walked by the trailer at one point, and it looked like a Nascar garage. I saw Darryl Coit, Nahu G, Brent Kusuhara and Greg White working hard to get a ski dialed in, and on Sunday morning I saw Aaron making impressive turns while being trailed by Ron “Chief” Roberts. It seemed like everywhere I looked I saw students and instructors doing something that made me proud.

This trip was also our annual ski-a-thon, special thanks to Brent for setting up the course, Danielle Weiler for being an outstanding camera woman and for all who participated. The following is a message from John “Chef” Lucas, Director of Fundraising.

For the Prez message- Hello DSOC Students and Instructors-Thank you again for your efforts during last week’s amazing Ski A Thon! Due to your efforts, we have nearly raised our entire goal of $5000, landing just short at $4855. A special “thank you” goes to a few fundraising superstars-Nathan Zelaya  and family, Rebecca York, Patty Oslund and Jamie Payne all contributed a significant amount to our $5000 total. Thank you again to everyone for their efforts! The Ski A Thon pushed DSOC closer to our 2013 fundraising goal of $15,000, but much work remains to be done. Currently, year to date we have raised $7130, leaving the club short by $7870. We will need to continue to pull together to reach this goal, so any outstanding donor “follow up” would be greatly appreciated and will help the club complete the trailer and equipment upgrades we have slated for 2013. Again, your fundraising efforts and donations are greatly appreciated! Thanks again! John Lucas, Fundraising Chair.

I apologize if there is anyone I should thank that I have missed. As I said before, I can’t remember a trip where I saw more people in this group working together in the service of our students. I wish I knew why I love skiing so much, why when I go on a trip I can never wait for the morning, how we all work so hard and it doesn’t seem like work at all. The passion that I feel for this group is only amplified by the commitment I see in each and every member. Thanks for all that you do. Keep those fund-raising dollars coming in. Two more trips on the books. Lets finish the season strong.


Your President

Gary “Commander G” Konecne


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