Great February Trip !!

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Message From the President.

Once again, The Achiever’s set out for Mammoth, and once again, we had another great trip, that was, as they say “Off the Hook!” A total of eight students and 20+ Instructors descended upon Mammoth for our February trip and a good time was had by all. We enjoyed picture perfect weather, awesome snow conditions and thanks to the diligence and commitment of our instructors, everyone made it through the week-end safely.

Congratulations to first time student Racquel Dicepeda, who made her first trip with us. Raquel is blind and was referred to us by Gordon Chan. I must confess that I am nothing short of impressed by anyone with a visual impairment who attempts skiing. I have flirted with skiing blind in clinics, and it scares me to death. She did a great job skiing with Lisa Martin, Craig Kirkpatrick and Maxine Sweeney who I am proud to say, did a fantastic job as her instructors. She told me on the ride home that she had a great time skiing with us, and that she will definitely will be back for more on future trips.

Students Brent Olson, Nathan Zelaya and Alex Lee made great made great progressions in their skiing, while the “Three Amigos” Phong, Le, Darryl Coit and Nahu G ran their instructors through their paces on mono-skis.

Rookie instructors Eileen Murphy, Elyse Munroe and Bobby “The Kid” Carroll did a great job working with students both on and off the mountain. They are outstanding individuals who bring a great positive energy to our group. I look forward to all of them making significant contributions in the future and can’t wait to watch them develop as ski instructors.

Once again, we gathered at Grace Community Church for another awesome pot-luck. Special thanks to Bernhard and Patti Froemel for taking care of the necessary arrangements and for doing an outstanding job of representing us to the good people of the church. In the past, we met at the Mammoth Community Center. When another local church took over that facility for their Saturday evening service, we were left without a venue. Patti googled “Meeting places in Mammoth”, and Grace Community was the first thing to come up. We called them on a Tuesday prior to the next trip, and they allowed us to use their church the following Saturday, never asking for anything prior in terms of finance, proof of insurance, etc. We have maintained a great relationship with them ever since and are grateful for their trust, kindness and generosity in letting us use their beautiful facility.

The March trip will be upon us soon. This will be the last trip prior to Ski-a-Thon, our major fundraising effort of the season, which will be held during the April trip. Once again I will state my goal of having 20 students make a trip. As I said at the pot-luck of our last trip, we have all of the resources that we need to make it happen. All we need is the students.

Our next General Meeting will be Wednesday, February 22 at the REI store in Tustin. Stay tuned for a special guest who may speak at that meeting.

Those that have the new Mammoth electronic ticket card, please email Brent Kusuhara ( the red numbers behind the card. Please do this ASAP to avoid any issue re-loading it for the next trip.

Once again I must say that I am humbled to be the President of a group of such dedicated, caring and talented people. Thank you for all that you do for this grand and noble enterprise.

Gary P. Konecne

President DSUSA-OC


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