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General Meeting for March Trip

February 18th, 2013

Hello Achievers,

Those wishing to attend the March ski trip, please plan on attending the General Meeting this Wednesday, Feb 20th, 7pm at Pat Moynihan’s house.  If you haven’t done so, please turn in your membership, liability release/waiver, and trip forms.

This is by far our most popular trip, we have the Ski A Thon, slalom course races, and Crazy Hat Contest.  The snow was epic for the last two trips, so I know Mother Nature will pull through again for the March trip.

If you are planning on attending this trip, you can either attend the general meeting to turn in your paperwork, or send the paperwork to DSOC.TRIPS@gmail.comThe deadline for the paperwork is next Monday, February 25th.  We will not be able accept requests if paperwork is not turned in by the deadline date.   


Address: 3652 Baylor Street, Irvine, CA 92614

Time: 7pm (if you get lost, please contact Pat at 949-295-6744)

President’s Message

February 17th, 2013

From the President………..

Once again, another epic week-end at Mammoth Mountain for the Achiever’s on our February trip. A total of 8 students and 16 instructors were met with awesome snow and weather conditions for the entire week-end. Though I feel somewhat like a broken record, I have to say that the snow conditions for this week-end, like last month, were as good as I have ever seen in 13 years of skiing at Mammoth.

Congratulations to Aaron Bloom, first time student who made the trip with his dad Brian. Aaron did a fantastic job working with Greg White and myself on the mono-ski. Despite working through various equipment issues, the three of us were able to collaborate, along with Darryl Coit,  Brent and Karey Kusuhara and other instructors to get his rig dialed in to the point he was able to make some turns down St. Anton on the last run of the day on Sunday. Aaron has a great attitude, was patient with us as we dealt with various issues and I believe has the potential to progress to the highest levels of mono-skiing. His father was also great, and I look forward to both of them skiiing with us in the future.

I was extremely proud of the effort put forth by all of our students and instructors on this trip. Mikki Ozawa and Lisa Martin did a stellar job working with Racquel Dicepa along with Bernie “Broken Boot” Rosenbloom who was doing a great job impersonating a Venice Gondolier. Bernie and rookie instructor David Espinosa scared me to death by taking Brent Olson down a run called “Woodie Woods” (in the trees between Sesame Street East and West). Despite my concerns, they were able to make the run safely, and a good time was had by all. The Patti Twins; Pattie Huber and Patti Oslund did great work with Jamie Payne, while Craig and Denise Kirkpatrick took Gordon Chan through his paces. Finally the Three Amigos, Darryl Coit, Nahu G and Phong Le were escorted by “Chef” John Lucas, Patrick “Mumbles” Moynihan and Steve Reese, who is in serious need of the nickname. Finally returning instructor Eileen Murphy spent Saturday and Sunday fulfilling her training requirements in clinic with Karey.

Special thanks to “The Presidential Protective Detail”,  along with Jim Payne and Patti Olsund for generous ski-a-thon pledges and to all of you in this group who make it such a pleasure for me to be your president. And though I seem to say this all the time, I am always amazed at the quality of the people who make this organization what it is, how much we like each other, and what an absolute gas it is to be on the mountain.

The March trip is just around the corner, keep those ski-a-thon pledges coming, and let’s hope for a great turn out for the remaining trips we have for this season.

Your President

Gary “Commander G” Konecne

Fundraising – We Need Your Support

February 2nd, 2013

Hello Disabled Sports OC Students and Instructors!
As a quick follow up to Commander G’s earlier Message from the President, I would like to give you some additional information and share some resources to support our fundraising efforts this winter.

We are only a short time away from our annual Ski a Thon on the weekend of March 8th and 9th. This is a fun filled event and our biggest fundraiser for the year!
Throughout the winter season each year Disabled Sports OC is able to help students enjoy time on the mountain skiing and snowboarding. The students that participate in our program enjoy many benefits:

•Discounted Lodging

•Free Lift Tickets
Value= $99/Day/Adult

•Free Instruction
Value=$75 half day/$150 full day (Prices from Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra)

•Total Support per Student=Up to $825/weekend

As you can see, the savings from D.S.O.C.’s support are significant and enable many students to enjoy one of the finest ski resorts in North America.

The annual Ski a Thon is the students opportunity to give back and help us continue to support this amazing program. There are two ways students can help raise money for the Ski a Thon:

First, you can choose to raise funds through gathering pledges to sponsor you per run. Pledge sheets are available on the website.  Here is a link to the Pledge Sheet.   Also, to the right section of our website, you can donate directly to the group using the Paypal Donate Button.

Second, both students and instructors can send out the attached solicitation letter to potential donors, such as your Dr., family members or local businesses you frequent. The solicitation letter is attached below. This year we are setting the lofty goal of $250 per student. To reach this goal you may want to use both fundraising methods.

Your fundraising dollars will go towards many important needs of the group, such as:

•Trailer upgrades and maintenance.
•Equipment purchases-helmets, ski bindings, ski retainers, etc.
•Housing Scholarships
•Team Events-Annual Picnic and Awards Dinner

We are excited to be having such an incredible 2013 season with D.S.O.C., and with your support hope to have many more. Thank you in advance for your efforts!

John Lucas
Fundraising Chair



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