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General Meeting for April Trip

March 19th, 2016

Hello Achievers,

The next trip is on April  1-3; if you’re planning to come, please have all your paperwork in by March 25th @; or you can come to the General Meeting on Wednesday,  March 23rd  at 7pm to turn it in.  If you’re a new student and haven’t gone through your medical evaluation with us, then you’ll need to attend to get evaluated prior to going on the trip.

When: March 23rd  @ 7pm

Where –

3652 Baylor Street

Irvine, CA 92614


General Meeting for March Trip

February 18th, 2016

Hello Achievers,

If it’s  raining here, then likely Mammoth just got a dump!  Yes, you’re right, Mammoth did get another 13-18″ of new snow last night! Yipeeee!!!

The next trip is on March 4-6; if you’re planning to come, please have all your paperwork in by February 26th @; or you can come to the General Meeting on Wednesday at 7pm to turn it in.  If you’re a returning student and haven’t gone through your medical evaluation, or all new students, then you’ll need to attend to get evaluated prior to going on the trip.

When: February 24th @ 7pm

Where – 3754 Hamilton Street, Irvine Ca (Pat’s Clubhouse)

December Trip

December 1st, 2015

Hello Achievers,

For those that would rather ski than shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, then you better sign up for the upcoming trip scheduled for December 11-13.  Please send the attached trip request form or an email outlining name, accomodation needs, dates you’ll be skiing, and carpool availability.

We won’t have a general meeting for the upcoming trip so please reserve ASAP if you plan on coming.  Please send your trip request to, all requests need to be in by this coming Monday,  December 7th.

Depending on the number of participants, we might or might not have a formal potluck, our Prez Gary will announce on Saturday if there will be one or not, TBD.

Happy Skiing!

General Meeting – Season Opener

October 28th, 2015

Our first general meeting will be on Wedneday, November 11th – that’s exactly two weeks out.  Be sure to add to your calendar so you don’t forget.

Where – 3754 Hamilton Street, Irvine Ca (Pat’s Clubhouse)

Time – 7pm

I’m going to keep the email short since most of you know the drill.  To participate for the upcoming season, please do the following as soon as possible. All of this can be done at the upcoming meeting.


  • Turn in membership, waiver, and other necessary forms, and annual dues.
  • For new instructors, you’ll need to do a background check, see below for instructions.  For returning instructors, you’ll need to complete every other year.  If you don’t recall whether you need to do it for this year, please contact Karen at
  • Instructors, if you’re planning to attend On The Hill training on November 20-22nd, please turn in Trip Form.  See attached.
  • Students, you can come to process your medical evaluation, attached is also physician form you’ll need your doctor to sign.
  • Come harrass your president, he’s been feeling spunky lately.


Instruction on doing background check:


Simply go to and click on “Background Check Self Registration” on the left side of the webpage. Complete three easy steps:

Step 1:            Enter Self Registration Number: 29771900

Step 2:            Enter Your Information as Requested

Step 3:            Provide Legal Authorization and Certification

“Red Light/Green Light” Results will be sent to Disabled Sports USA Orange County Chapter National Center for Safety Initiatives will contact you directly if there are any questions, problems or issues related to your specific information.

It is important when entering your name, you use your full legal name as written on your birth certificate or driver’s license. Please also verify that your social security number was typed correctly. Using nicknames or failing to type a correct social security number may delay or invalidate your background check.

If you have any questions or problems submitting your information, please call the National Center for Safety Initiatives at (866) 833-7100 x109.

Thank you for your continued participation and your cooperation in this important process. We are excited to offer world-class programs, working with world-class people!

Season Schedule

September 27th, 2015

Hello Achievers,

We finally got the official confirmation from Mammoth Mountain, be sure to save these dates on your calendar, request time off from the head cheese, and get ready for a fantastic season.

November 20-22 (Instructors On the Hill training)

December 11-13

January 8-10

February 5-7

March 4-6

April 1-3

April 29- May 1

I’ll setup events on our Facebook page.


Dryland Clinic

September 15th, 2015

Hello Achievers,

Save the date – Dryland Clinic will be on Saturday, October 17th from 9-1pm.  I’m predicting we’re going to have a heck of a season so make sure you complete all required training sooner than later so you have ample time to instruct and volunteer with all of our great students.

Dryland will count 1 point toward your training goal, 3 points required for returning members, and 5 points for new members.  – see attached Policies and Procedures for details.

What to expect  –

  • Continental Breakfast
  • Superb training on basic instruction techniques, knowledge of various disabilities, and hands on training with some of our adaptive equipment
  • Interactive day of fun learning

Please RSVP to our Prez Gary at by October 11th.

Where: 3754 Hamilton Street, Irvine Ca (Pat’s Clubhouse)

When: Oct 17th 9-1pm

Joint Picnic with Ramp It Up

August 30th, 2015


Great news. We’re going to change up our kick off picnic by moving it to the beach, and doing a joint picnic/BBQ with Ramp It Up.  Our two groups have collaborated in the past and it is a great way for our members to be exposed to the great sport of both handcycling and skiing.  This is open to all members and their friends and family.  Please share this email to anyone interested in getting involved with us or Ramp It Up.

The logistic is a bit different for those who aren’t familiar –

We’ll meet in Bolsa Chica state beach on the far side near the corner of Warner Avenue and PCH.  Tom and his group will be there as early as 10am for those wanting to handcycle, and a hearty BBQ lunch will be provided for all in attendance near noon.   The exact meeting location is the closest picnic area/restrooms near the corner of Warner and PCH.  This area is wheelchair accessible.

If you want to park inside the beach, parking fee is $15 or $7.50 if you have a California Disabled State Pass –  Our president, Gary, is offering to shuttle some of you who would like to avoid the entrance fee, more to come where we’ll meet for the shuttling.

We’ll also have a limited amount of fish for those that do not eat meat.  On your RSVPs to me, please let me know if you’re a non-meat eater.

Lastly, President Gary will be giving away a weekend of accommodation for the upcoming season!  What can you lose by not coming?  You can lose a free trip.  :)

Please either RSVP through email or on our Facebook site by Tuesday September 8th so we can plan the appropriate amount of food.

Kick-Off Picnic

August 29th, 2015

Hello Achievers,


Our season kick-off picnic is in two weeks, on September 12, between 11:00-3pm!


Location: Culverwood Wilderness Park –  3754 Hamilton Street, Irvine Ca, – The park is located behind the clubhouse associated with this address.


What to expect at the picnic,


  • Food, Food and More Food! The grill will be running 24/7 so bring your appetite.  We’ll supply the main course, please help by bringing a side, dessert, or drinks to share.
  • Come and play – there’s a pool, basketball court, and a big grass area to play – bring a ball, frisbees, or other lawn sports to share
  • An opportunity to harrass returning members, and meet new prospectve members


Membership –


Karen, our membership chair, is asking everyone to send in their membership form for the upcoming season, the address is noted in the application.  If you’re a student, I’m also attaching the medical evaluation form you’ll need to get signed by your primary doctor.  All forms will need to be completed prior to the start of the season, please complete early so you don’t miss out on a trip.


Instructors are required to go through a background check, this is required every two years.  If you didn’t go through it last season, then you’ll need to do it this year.


We’re still waiting for the green light from Mammoth on the season schedule, should have a confirmation soon!


Please RSVP by September 9th for the picnic so we can plan accordingly.

Message from the President

August 23rd, 2015

From the President………..


Greetings once again from your humble president. As we approach the beginning of a new season we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of Susan “Granny” McCabe, who recently passed away in Eagle Idaho. She was the matriarch of the McCabe family, who include her sons; our former President Mac McCabe and his brother Mike, a long time instructor and board member for the group, as well as her granddaughter Casey McCabe Scott, who is former student.  When I first joined the group over fifteen years ago Granny would graciously allow us to use her home for board meetings, kick off picnics, trailer storage and for just about anything else we needed. We have many fond memories of Granny and her husband Bill “Gramps” McCabe, who we lost in January of 2009. Please remember the McCabe family in your thoughts and prayers.


Once again I would like to thank all of our Board Members for donating their time for our most recent Summit Meeting, where we review our most recent season, set goals for the upcoming one and lay out the upcoming season’s budget. There are a lot of exciting things going on with our group. I am grateful for the time and energy that each and every board member brings to the table. Special thanks to Greg White for his recent efforts in obtaining a new banner and easy-up for us to use. We saw the results of his hard work at our recent outing to an Angel’s game.   Please thank your board members for their service to the group. They are truly outstanding individuals who make it easy for me to be your president.


Our annual Angel’s game outing is now in the books and once again, was a huge success. Thank you to all of the Achievers who were able to make it.  Special thanks to Karen “Madame Membership” Lunzman and her lovely husband Glen “Mr. T” for all of their hard work in organizing this event. A job very well done. Also special thanks to John “Chef” Lucas for another outstanding job of cooking ribs and chicken and to Patrick “The Leprechaun” Moynihan for his part in getting the food to the ballpark and for the million little things that he does for the group when nobody is looking.


Thank you to everyone who donated funds, or obtained donations in our recent fundraising effort. We were able to make up for some lost ground and will be able to meet our budget for the upcoming season. Special thanks to Phong Le and John Lucas for their efforts in making this happen.   Speaking of fundraising, we have come upon an interesting program through the Ralph’s grocery store company. The coolest part of it is that anyone who shops at Ralph’s can help our group financially, and it doesn’t cost that individual any money out of their pocket. All you need is a Ralph’s rewards card. We will be distributing a form that can be taken to any Ralph’s store that can be processed at the check-out stand. There is also a way that you can sign up online. Basically an individual assigns their rewards to us as a viable non-profit organization, which means Ralph’s will transfer those rewards into a cash donation to the group.  I am hoping that we can have every member of the group participate in this program by asking friends and relatives to sign up, and also by working in teams (instructors and students) outside their local Ralph’s store to sign up regular store customers. Watch for further instructions on this very soon.  We will likely have a big push for this program in September.


Please mark your calendars for the following events; our world famous Kick-Off Picnic on September 12, our Dryland Clinic on October 17, and our Instructor Trip which is slated for November 20-22. (We have also submitted dates for our Student Trips, these will be sent out once we have approval from Mammoth Mountain Administration).


Looking forward to seeing you at any of our upcoming events. Whether you are a student, instructor, board member or anyone else who supports us I once again thank you for all that you do in this grand and noble enterprise.

With Gratitude and thanks,


Gary P. “Commander G” Konecne

President, Disabled Sports Orange County

The Achievers


Angels Tailgate/Game – Reserve your tickets !!

June 27th, 2015

Hello Achievers,

I’m Talkin’ Baseball…

Trout, Pujois, Weaver!

It’s Peanuts and Cracker Jacks….

Our Annual Angles Game..

Come and support our HALOS and DSOC

Tailgate begins under the Big A at 4:30, game time is 6:05

Once again is Chef John Lucas at the helm with the best food buffet ever!!

Angels Vs. Toronto Blue Jays Saturday Fireworks August 22, 2015


This is always a sold out event, First come, First serve..

Mail me a check with the number of desired tickets, I will immediatly mail tickets out to you.. tickets are $20.00 per seat…let me know if you

need a ‘disabled seat…


Please send any questions to Karen at



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