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2 Feet of Snow?

March 2nd, 2010

image Sometimes resorts have been known to exaggerate the snow reports a little. There isn’t any exaggeration here, this is definitely 2 feet of snow!

Thanks to Greg W. for sending the picture in…

Adaptive Snowboard in the Smithsonian

September 25th, 2009

I recently made a trip to Washington DC for a few days. While visiting the American History Museum at the Smithsonian Institute I came across this display featuring an adaptive snowboard. Two Hampshire College students, Matt Capozzi and Nathan Connolly,  developed this prototype back in 1997. Here is a picture along with a reprint of the signboard in the display.

Adaptive Snowboard in the Smithsonian.

‘The first design for the accessible snowboard was made with PVC pipe, a camp chair, and glue. But the snowboard and its rider tended to tip over. To increase stability and manuverability, another prototype was designed. Made of molded carbon fiber, it was stronger and lighter than previous versions.

Snowboarders typically use ski lifts to go up the mountain and then ride down the slopes sideways, like surfers. So the inventors designed a mechanism that swivels and raises the seat, allowing the rider to face forward and rise up to catch the lift without getting off the snowboard.’

Where’s my check?

July 28th, 2009

    We have had questions in the past on how we handle the incoming money. This is a volunteer group, including the board member positions, we try to deal with things in a timely manner….which usually means…when time allows. Glen wrote a great article explaining how the accounting end of this group is handled. Here is the article.


Hi All -

    Since I have never written an article for the newsletter, as your humble volunteer Treasurer and one-time instructor (Karen and I don’t seem to make many trips these past few years), I thought it would be good idea to talk about how I handle our finances.  Specifically, questions have come up regarding why it takes so long for checks or funds to be deposited – your checks to clear the bank.  I wanted to let everyone know the normal way I operate.  During the season, I typically get everything together for the month – deposits to be made and checks to be written – the first days after each trip, just before the board meetings which take place the Wednesday after each trip.  To make it easier on me, I try to make only one big deposit per month.  So, I make the deposits from the previous month’s trip and business just before the board meeting.  The trip checks I receive at the board meeting, wait for the next cycle to be deposited.  So, I am always about a month behind.  At the board meeting, I want to get everyone money that is owed them and any checks written for other outstanding issues at some point during the meeting – like our lodging/condo check so we are current with the most recent trip, etc.  Checks issued by our group always need a second signature – usually Mac’s, so board meetings are a convenient time to do this.  For the off season, the 4-5 months of summer, I do as little as possible, with the exception of state and federal income tax filings and annual registration and updates to the state Attorney General for charitable trusts.  If people donate money to us during the off season or after I close the books for the year (our fiscal year ends June 30), it may take up to 5 months for their check to be deposited in the bank.  I figure our members may have questions, so best to communicate the way we handle our "day to day" finances.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me – best to e-mail me at

Thank you,

Glen Lunzman

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