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Background Screening Program

November 23rd, 2009

Disabled Sports USA Orange County Chapter (DSUSA OC) is proud to announce a working partnership with National Center for Safety Initiatives through which we will engage in a comprehensive background screening program for our instructors and volunteers. This is a required step in the DSUSA-OC membership process starting January 1, 2009. This process can take up to 10 days to complete so be sure to do this well in advance of a planned trip.

DSUSA OC has taken important steps to ensure the highest level of safety within our programs – for all participants and also for you, who make the programs a success. One of these steps is the implementation of a standardized approach to background screening for our instructors and volunteers through the National Center for Safety Initiatives. This includes a comprehensive background screening using the Center’s Check it Twice™ product and a simple “Red Light/Green Light” clearance report issued in accordance with the Recommended Guidelines® published by the National Council of Youth Sports. This is part of a national movement towards the standardization of safety programs for youth-serving organizations in this country.

Disabled Sports USA Orange County Chapter has worked with National Center for Safety Initiatives to ensure that this process is convenient, secure and confidential.

Simply go to and click on “Background Check Self Registration” on the left side of the webpage. Complete three easy steps:

            Step 1:            Enter Self Registration Number: 29771900

            Step 2:            Enter Your Information as Requested

            Step 3:            Provide Legal Authorization and Certification

“Red Light/Green Light” Results will be sent to Disabled Sports USA Orange County Chapter National Center for Safety Initiatives will contact you directly if there are any questions, problems or issues related to your specific information.

It is important when entering your name, you use your full legal name as written on your birth certificate or driver’s license. Please also verify that your social security number was typed correctly. Using nicknames or failing to type a correct social security number may delay or invalidate your background check.

If you have any questions or problems submitting your information, please call the National Center for Safety Initiatives at (866) 833-7100 x109.

Thank you for your continued participation and your cooperation in this important process. We are excited to offer world-class programs, working with world-class people!

Kickoff Picnic

October 24th, 2009

We had a great picnic to start the season off right! The weather was great as you can see from these pictures that Karen sent over. We had some new members as well as some members coming back that we haven’t seen in a few years.

IMG_0794 IMG_0798 IMG_0800 IMG_0801 IMG_0802 IMG_0803 IMG_0805 IMG_0806 IMG_0808 IMG_0809

First General Meeting for 2009-10

October 10th, 2009

Hello Achievers,

I hope everyone that made it to the Angels game had a good time, it’s an exciting time of year …GO Red Sox!….oops…I mean Angels (Casey knows I had it right the first time). Our schedule this year has had a few changes & because of this the Dryland Clinic & DSUSA-OC Kickoff Picnic are both going to be on October 24. The Clinic will be in the morning…and the picnic in the afternoon. I will pass along all the details in a followup email.

This email is to invite everyone to our first General Meeting prior to the Dryland Clinic. Come join us to catch up with everybody while you are signing up for the clinic…and eating cookies. We will have the meeting this Wednesday the 14th at the Children’s League in Fullerton, this is in the shadow of St. Judes Hospital at Harbor & Bastanchury. Here is the actual address;

Fullerton Children’s League Center
2050 Youth Way
Fullerton, CA 92835

Date: Wed Oct 14th

Time: 7PM

When you make the right on E. Valencia Mesa you will quickly make a right where it appears to end…follow the row of buildings down to the parking lot. We will be in the building next to the parking lot.

Hope to see you there!

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